Day 1

Day 1 : Our party started off in the prison block of Arena Fherox. They met a human named Yosef Hasad who helped them form some cohesion to survive the arena fight the next day. A Drow and a Tiefling were also imprisoned, though the party nor them attempted communication.
Day 2 : The party fought off a horde of 8 goblins in front of the crowd. Grimlock Half Orc/Barbarian got injured at the claws and bites of an arena tiger. The drow and the tiefling helped him survive the encounter by distracting the tiger. Azooroo Elf/Druid healed most of the barbarian wounds. Eziren Half-Orc/Bard got in danger from a side goblin party attacking the rear, but when the main fight died down, the cruz of the group converged on the bard to finish off the last 2 goblins.


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