Welcome to the fantasy world of Albian ! We are starting level 1 characters, in the human port city of Solere, located on the Eastern coast of Albian.

The world of Albian will be built by all of us as we progress. Our party so far is composed of elves and half-orcs and half -orc-elf, therefore there are neighboring orc and elven kingdom in the work for the campaign. If a character was to put lots of skill points into disable device with being a locksmith in mind, there will be a lot more locked doors to deal with, and a scaling challenge associated with it.

These are a few examples of how I plan to tailor the world to the needs of our campaign. With that said, when creating your character, there are no restrictions as to race and class and background story.
As you can see, we already have our starting port city of Solere, a mountain range marks the northern limit of our known world. The mountain range extends just north of our village, as for cavernous adventure possibilities. Outside the city limit are the protected farm lands. A river divides the city in two. Beyond the farm lands are massive forested lands, with no other landmarks on it yet, other than a yet to be named Lake at the end of the river, South West of Solere.

I sure hope we all will have a good time playing !